Tuesday, February 7, 2012

18-Month Update

We got an 18-month update today on Joseph.

11.7 kg (25.8 lbs)
79 cm tall (31 inches)

4 teeth on top, 6 on bottom

Social Worker Remarks:
Eats rice, meat, fruit, snacks and cheese.  Does not like sour food.
He takes one nap per day. Does not like to take a nap.
Sleeps from 9 pm-9 am

Here were the items checked on his development list:
Walks well
Throws ball forward
Builds tower using three cubes
Turns two or three pages at a time
Identifies at least one body part
Uses voice in conjunction with pointing
Jabbers at play
Imitates doing housework and other realistic activities
Enjoys imitating adults
Indicates discomfort over soiled diaper verbally

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Joseph's Room

We've been adding to Joseph's room slowly...here are some recent additions!

Memo board and vintage calendar

Changing table with modge-podged comic book name

Lamp and Legos

The subtle supehero bed

Rocker and Spiderman stool

Comic books from the birth year of Joesph, his birth mom, Mom, Dad, Kylie and Kat

Superman poster and action figures

Art that Kylie made at school. It seemed to fit in great with the room!

Avengers poster on the back of his door so he won't be scared at night
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