Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Heartfelt Thanks

We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of our friends and family who have donated financially to bring Joseph home. Through our t-shirt and movie fundraisers, the Chosen: Marathon for Adoption, Pennies from the Heart, which was done by kids at our church, two garage sales, cake ball sales, a grant, an interest-free loan, and the generous gifts of our friends and family, we were able to raise just over $14,000!

When we began the journey to adoption, we knew that this was not something that we would be able to finance on our own.  We knew that we would need the help and support of our friends, family and community members to make it happen.  Putting ourselves in a situation where God had to come through for us is a huge step of faith.  But, He does not call us to do something without making a way!

Right now, we have to submit an I-600 form to USCIS for immigration stuff on this side.  In Korea, it's simply a matter of time while we wait for Joseph to receive his emigration permit, passport, and travel clearance. We looking at an eight month wait before we can bring him home (but hopefully sooner than that!).

We hope to raise the rest of the money that we will need to travel to Korea through the Chosen: Marathon for Adoption.  Consider running or walking either the half or full marathon with us on October 29, 2011! More details to come on this soon.

On behalf of Joseph, his mom, dad and his two big sisters, thank you for the sacrifice you made in order to help us get him home.  May you and your family be richly blessed because of it!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Legals In

We received our legals from Korea yesterday.  Now, we file an I-600 to US Immigration (notifying them of our intent to adopt Baby YoSeb).  Meanwhile, our file will be slowly working its way to the top for the Korean government to issue all the necessary paperwork to give us travel clearance.

At this point, we're 8 months out, at least.  Here's hoping we see YoSeb before the holidays!  Even still, we'll be patient until he's here.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stories of Adoption

One of the best stories about adoption is the story of a small town family who adopts a baby boy that changes the world.  Yes, I'm talking about Superman!

We're excited to host a fundraiser that is unique and fun.  We'll be showing Superman: The Movie on March 26 at 11:00am at the Howard Theater in Taylor.  You can buy your tickets online here.

It's rare to be able to watch a movie like this on the big screen with the full theater experience, and we hope to sell out all 225 tickets.  Hope you can make it!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Let Love Increase

YoSeb is named after Joseph, an Old Testament patriarch whose name means "may the Lord increase".  To celebrate his arrival, we've made t-shirts!  All proceeds will go to help us bring Joseph home.  We are taking pre-orders for TWO WEEKS ONLY!  Get yours today!

Friday, March 4, 2011


I picked up a new graphic novel this week from comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis (writer of Avengers, Spider-Man, etc.).  It's called Takio, and about a pair of sisters who get superpowers.  What's cool is that the oldest sister is adopted from Asia, and the youngest is Kylie's age.

We read the whole thing in one sitting.  Kylie loved the art and the witty banter between the two sisters (Bendis is known for his skill at witty banter).  The story was your typical comic fare, with legitimate threats and villains emerging out of the origins of the heroes.  What Bendis does well is relationships, with the talk between the sisters sounding just like the conversations Kylie and Kathryn have.

The discovery of the powers and the idea of becoming heroes is all on the little sister, Olivia.  She even comes up with the team name, Takio (Taki and Olivia).  Kylie loved these bits, especially when the sisters start to see what they can really do.

If you have kids, stop by your local comic book store and get this book!  It's a great way to get kids interested in comics, and you can probably jump into other all-ages titles from there.  If you need recommendations, let me know!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cooking Korean at Home

Tonight we'll be cooking Korean at home for the first time.  Erika and I went to the Asian market in Austin this morning to buy everything we need for tonight's meal.  I'll be making beef bulgogi (Korean BBQ), spicy tofu, kimchi pancakes, pickeled radish, and rice.

Originally, I had planned to make my own kimchi, but we're going with the stuff in the jar until everyone develops a palate for it.  Otherwise, the work I do will make about a gallon of the stuff.  Good to know if we end up really liking it!

I really want to make bibimbap, a stone-bowl dish filled with rice, meat, and veggies, all topped with a fried egg. The pictures of it look awesome, so we'll see what I can make of it.

We also bought some chopsticks, because I've never learned how to use them and don't want to stick out once we make our way to Korea.  Perhaps my video-game-strengthened fingers will be able to pick it up quickly.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Knew

As we began exploring the possibility of adoption, I approached it as I do most things, with one toe in the water.  I was not sure...would this be best for our family?  Was I prepared for the special challenges that come with raising an adopted child? How in the world would we pay for it?  I was definitely afraid of the many unknowns.

Last spring, we had a church women's retreat at a camp in the Texas Hill Country.  It was beautiful...lots to do around the grounds, good friends there, a spiritual focus...I was looking forward to a time of renewal.

A lot of what was shared that weekend had to do with purpose...what purpose did God have for us?  One thing I discovered over the course of the weekend...fear paralyzes me a lot, and keeps me from fulfilling my true calling.

I asked myself, "Is fear what is keeping you from moving forward wholeheartedly?"  As usual, Kyle was excited and ready, and I had been dragging my feet.

Then, something happened.  My good friend Sammi ran into an old friend of hers. She had not seen this friend in years!  They were so surprised and excited to see one another there...what a strange coincidence! Sammi introduced the family to us, which included her two daughters adopted from China.

I got to briefly talk with her friend about adoption, and told her that we were considering it.  Nothing she said that day was really different from what we had read online, but I knew God was saying something special to me.

This Sunday at church, we talked about recognizing God speaking to us and working around us. To me, this was a huge God sighting.  No one or nothing will ever be able to convince me that the teaching and events that weekend were just a chance thing.  God spoke to me that day, and I knew.

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. -John 10:27

(A post by Erika)