Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We are finally ready.  All the bags are packed and all of the plans and preparations made.  We board our flight at 9:20 am tomorrow morning!  We feel as if we have been on the journey forever, and it is only just beginning.

Almost 16 months ago, after already having been in the adoption process for quite a while, we received a call from our case worker.  She said, "We have a referral for you.  Look over the file and let me know."  We looked over it, and asked for the photo.  She sent along this...

Yep, that's him.  That's our baby.  For this child we prayed!  A week later we had accepted the referral and things were in the works for him to come home.

We expected to get him soon- maybe before Christmas 2011?  But, things happened.  There was a slow down in the adoption process in Korea, and nothing we did could change it.  For a while, I woke up every day searching desperately for anything to get him home sooner, and every time I came up short.  There was not one thing we could do but pray for our baby.

Over the long months leading up to now, God has shown His immense love for us through our community.  He had not forgotten us or our situation. Time droned on and on with seemingly no change, and it was tough to think about, talk about, and stay positive about.  But, He kept reminding us that He put this desire in our hearts, chose this child to be in our family, and was still in control of what was happening.  Now, finally, it is time!  His little heart is ready, and our family is ready.

While in Seoul, the real adventure will begin! We are excited to share our new journey with those who have been used to lift us up, carry us and support us all of the way.  Thank you for your prayers...we appreciate all of the kind words and sentiments you all have sent to us this week.  We will update everyone as we can.  Looking forward to a wonderful trip and to meeting our son!

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. -John 14:18 
We're coming!