Sunday, February 27, 2011


It has been a while since we've updated the blog, mostly because there hasn't been that much to tell.  After our home study, everything just seemed to slow down.  Little hiccups here and there with bits of our application confirmed what we had heard:  adoption is a process of "hurry up...wait...hurry up...wait..."

About a month ago, an email from our agency went out, informing parents that the Korea program was in need of families.  At our position in the process, there was little to lose in making the switch.  Our perspective changed - perhaps all of these delays were a means by which God would connect us with the child he meant for us to have.  After reviewing all of the details about what to expect with Korea (which is much different than India), we decided to make the change.

Two weeks ago, we got a call from our agency.  Everything had been approved for us to enter the Korea program.  And, WE HAD A REFERRAL!  We had anticipated things would move quickly, but not that quickly!

We have a beautiful almost-7 month old boy waiting for us in Korea.  We hope to see him before Christmas.  We also have a substantial need to raise money for our next set of fees.  Right now we're about $10,000 short.

We'll have more information about our little baby boy and how you can help bring him home.  In the meantime, I'm prepping everything I need to make his room heroic.

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