Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Korean Travel Packet

Our case worker sent us our Korean Travel Packet today!  It outlines all that we need to get done and consider before our travel to Korea.  This is really exciting...the people on our adoption forum are counting down the days until 2012 because that means that emigration permit processing will start again, and we will all be closer to going to get our children!

We enjoyed reading through the packet, which basically took us through the whole process from the travel call onward.  Some things we will be considering and doing in preparation to travel:

-Passport for Erika...Kyle already has his
-Gather gifts for the foster mom and various other Eastern representatives
-Complete educational requirements including a couple other books we are needing to read, several online seminars, and CPR classes
-Figure out what all we will bring for Joseph for the trip back home
-Decide what places we will want to visit while in Seoul
-Consider various details about our visits with the Joseph prior to departure back home
-Make loose plans for the girls' care while we are out of the country
-Do research on Korean customs and traditions
-Finish up his room, including placing the new lamp Granny got for Joseph for Christmas...

As we visited with our adoptive families at the Chosen Marathon for Adoption this year, I realized just how fortunate we are to be so close to receiving our child.  Many others we talked to anticipated two or three years until they would travel.  Adoption is a long process with lots of red tape to navigate through, and we are nearing the end.  We are feeling so blessed to know that we will travel to pick up the child that God has chosen for our 2012!

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