Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cooking Korean at Home

Tonight we'll be cooking Korean at home for the first time.  Erika and I went to the Asian market in Austin this morning to buy everything we need for tonight's meal.  I'll be making beef bulgogi (Korean BBQ), spicy tofu, kimchi pancakes, pickeled radish, and rice.

Originally, I had planned to make my own kimchi, but we're going with the stuff in the jar until everyone develops a palate for it.  Otherwise, the work I do will make about a gallon of the stuff.  Good to know if we end up really liking it!

I really want to make bibimbap, a stone-bowl dish filled with rice, meat, and veggies, all topped with a fried egg. The pictures of it look awesome, so we'll see what I can make of it.

We also bought some chopsticks, because I've never learned how to use them and don't want to stick out once we make our way to Korea.  Perhaps my video-game-strengthened fingers will be able to pick it up quickly.

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