Friday, March 4, 2011


I picked up a new graphic novel this week from comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis (writer of Avengers, Spider-Man, etc.).  It's called Takio, and about a pair of sisters who get superpowers.  What's cool is that the oldest sister is adopted from Asia, and the youngest is Kylie's age.

We read the whole thing in one sitting.  Kylie loved the art and the witty banter between the two sisters (Bendis is known for his skill at witty banter).  The story was your typical comic fare, with legitimate threats and villains emerging out of the origins of the heroes.  What Bendis does well is relationships, with the talk between the sisters sounding just like the conversations Kylie and Kathryn have.

The discovery of the powers and the idea of becoming heroes is all on the little sister, Olivia.  She even comes up with the team name, Takio (Taki and Olivia).  Kylie loved these bits, especially when the sisters start to see what they can really do.

If you have kids, stop by your local comic book store and get this book!  It's a great way to get kids interested in comics, and you can probably jump into other all-ages titles from there.  If you need recommendations, let me know!

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